About Us

Graphic Vinyl Vision started with one guy in an apartment making shot glasses and decals for his band.


Hey guys! I'm Andy.

I started Graphic Vinyl Vision in February of 2016. My goal was to make etched shot glasses and decals for other bands. I was already making them for mine, so I figured I'd help grow the merch tables of everyone else.

It soon turned into T-shirts, full color shot glasses, stickers, and pretty much everything else imaginable that you would find at the tables of your favorite bands. 

I was always a DIY kind of guy. Learning to screen print in High School, I already knew what it took to make most of these items. It's definitely been a learning process, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I'm here to help you grow by spreading the word with your custom merchandise. 

What is merch anyway?

  • It's support for you and what you believe in.
  • It's cheap advertising.
  • It's a souvenir for your friends, family, and fans.
  • It's something for the memories.

And we want to be a part of creating those memories. For you, and for your fans.

We want to help you succeed, as much as we can.

We dont just want to print your merch.. We want to grow with you.

Let's create your vision.

Let's Create Band Merch That Rocks!